Friday, 21 September 2012

Preparation Food :9 [Shanghai Street Dumpling]

Haiii! :P
Apparently there are people who read this :O
I am shocked honestly...
Anyways tomorrow I'm heading to Adelaide for a bit and like... there's nothing there so I thought might as well catch up with my friend Jasmin for lunch :9

Place of Lunch this time? Shanghai Street Dumplings!
I saw this place ages ago, like start of year or something but every time I go,
it is full on packed D:< A fair few people keep telling me to go
so I prepared myself for the line and went ahead with it.

Damn that line -.-
It is really like this or worse all the time.. D:
The design of the area is quaint though. :)

The inside is kind of small and a bit cramped but oh smells so nice :9
You can't resist that once you get in.
 Okay I lied. I didn't wait in line. I'm not that patient. Me and Jasmin went for takeaway :P
Homemade Boiled Peking Dumplings (Pork); 15 Pieces: $8.80
This was Jasmin's choice. Pretty good. The dough was soft but wasn't to the point
where it just fell apart all over the place. It was just right and then the Peking Pork inside was pretty flavorful.

Chinese Spinach & Pork Wonton Soup; 12 Pieces: $8.00
My choice :) I personally always like the spinach dumplings/wontons.
It gives a slight different taste to the normal ones.
These ones were alright, I could taste the spinach but the pork had too much flavor
which overpowered the spinach in my opinion :(

This is how we ate. Going back to our asian ways ;D
I'm glad they did takeaway, really saved me and Jasmin since we were pretty hungry!

Introducing Jasmin ;)
Look at that concentrated face LOL
Glad she could come with me, was good to see her again ^^

Wrap Up!!

Shanghai Street Dumplings 
Okay, so the food first.. I enjoyed what I got. Not too bad. Both sets of dumplings were very flavorful and decently priced for the amount we got. Service I can't really say much since it was just passing takeaway order. Overall I liked it, it's not the cheapest place in Melbourne but for value-wise; it's good :)

Food: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Price: 8/10
Overall: 7.33/10

I'd recommend you try it and see what you think! :) Pretty good for a dumpling place.
They're at: 342 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Shanghai Street Dumpling on Urbanspoon

My next post will be about a restaurant in Adelaide hopefully! Look forward to it :P

Til next time,

-R ;9

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